Boletín Informativo de Octubre 2018 | Solid Ground
26 septiembre, 2018
Workshop #1 – Interview with Nadisha Poyser National Spatial Data Management Division Min. of Economic Growth and Job Creation
26 septiembre, 2018

WORKSHOP # 1 Under the BRACED Project

On Friday 21st september the 1st workshop under the BRACED project had place.
Workshop Objectives
▪ Identify and reduce cost drivers in land regularization, considering market dynamics.
▪ Review financial models and case studies that are applicable to the local context
▪ Explore tools and techniques used to curtail costs associated with land regularization.
Workshop Outcomes
▪ Documentation of the critical elements to be considered for reducing the cost regularizing private and government (public)
▪ Rationale for the HFTP explained – Progress, opportunities and barriers.
▪ Better understanding of the costs of activities in completing the land regularization processes.
▪ Increased knowledge of issues in addition to costs, which agencies consider to be priority.
Workshop Segments
▪ Understanding the current costs for regularization of Urban Informal sectors.
▪ Identifying the barriers to cost reduction.
▪ Scenarios for reducing costs.

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