Dialogue and innovation for the design and implementation of land policies, programs and tools addressing concrete challenges.


Multiple actors connect, reflect, prioritize, and co-create knowledge and innovation based on good practices and learning.


Barriers, risks, and incentives are analyzed for design, decision-making, and implementation towards change.


Scientific knowledge, as well as technical and general; they are all appreciated and transformed into new insights.

Urban Land LABs


Land policies and land-based financing to guarantee inclusive housing and secure tenure and prevent informal settlements

Theme: Block: Finances
This Housing Laboratory aims at identifying and exploring the organization of the land and housing markets, the land policies and the financing to guarantee inclusive and affordable housing, secure tenure, and to prevent informal settlements. Based on four specific experiences, the objective of this Housing Laboratory seeks to analyze the rationale, the achievements, the scope and the challenges included in these experiences, reflecting on the relevance of encouraging proposals linking land, financing and housing.
Guide questions
As regards other ways of financing, what is the importance of land-based financing to guarantee safe and affordable housing? What are the ways to link this to the principles of the New Urban Agenda and the promotion of equitable and inclusive cities?
How can we maximize the potential of the mechanisms of land-based financing to increase housing availability and prevent and regularize informal settlements?
What are the financing instruments, considering the different urban locations?
For example: What are the ways to address: densification in consolidated centers; proper occupation of the borders between rural and urban environments; the retrofitting precarious settlements?
What are the emerging models for the financing and planning of access to land and housing?
What are the strategies and trends to finance policies able to solve the issues of regularization and urbanization?

Land policies and land-based financing to guarantee inclusive housing and secure tenure and prevent informal settlements
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