Who can participate

We invite the people and organisations that seek to promote ideas and good practices or to implement land tools at local level; those searching for a collective space for dialogue, knowledge exchange, capacity development and for collaboration and strengthening alliances with multiple stakeholders. In addition, we invite those people and organizations who are willing to raise the awareness and influence policy-making and to document initiatives that increase access to land for shelter and tenure security of the most vulnerables, towards more sustainable and resilient urban development and with a strong focus on gender equality.

The Marketplace connects a broad network of land community stakeholders, all with equal opportunities to express their points of view, share their instruments, ideas and stories, as well as the same opportunities to access information and to collaborate. This includes representatives from the public and private sectors, grassroots and civil society organizations, NGOs, universities and research institutes, data, statistic and image centers; system and software providers; information and communication technology (ICT) providers, as well as foundations, bilateral and multilateral agencies and independent experts.

Benefits for participants

How to get started?

Find out

Learn what are “supply” and “demand” of land tools.

OFFER a tool

REGISTER an innovative experience or a promising land tool.

REQUEST for support

REQUEST the network for support for designing or implementing a land tool to face a local challenge.


Your information will be reviewd and published in our map and database, upon validation.

Mutual benefits

Why are we interested in your collaboration?
SueloUrbano.org – an open and collaborative platform of knowledge and information on land tools – seek to support the systematization and exchange of experiences, to manage knowledge in an open manner, to generate learning, develop capacities, activate multi-stakeholder alliance and to mobilize resources for the design and implementation of land tools that can contribute to more inclusive, gender-sensitive, transparent and accountable urban land governance, in favor of women, the poor and the most vulnerables.

Therefore, the “supply” and “demands” of land tools registered through crowdsourcing should be considered in broader initiatives of the Land Tools Urban Cluster. That is, your participation may contribute to the identification of key themes for virtual and face to face learning and discussions activities, to formulate advocacy messages for policy-makers, information and awareness raising campaigns, joint applications for funds and demonstration projects. Your local challenges are cause of this regional platform.

Learn. Share. Connect. Collaborate. Joins us in pushing for changes in urban land practices, systems and policies, to improve access to land for shelter and tenure security for millions of people across the region.

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