El asociacionismo vecinal como herramienta de mejora de las ciudades.
14 noviembre, 2018
Together, we are making more noise on urban land conflicts in Latin America and the Caribbean
23 noviembre, 2018

Journalism Day Event

Jam Habitat for Humanity International 2014 Ltd invites you to

Journalism Day Event

A Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) endorsed event

An Informed Press Resilience and Land regularization!


Workshop Objectives

- Expansion of advocates on the theme of land regularization and resilience.

- Provide fodder for the media to get involved in Urban DRR/R and CCA

- Presenting a case for championing the cause of the urban poor.

Focus Questions

1. What if any is the role of media in Tenure Security for the urban poor?
2. Can the Media showcase the current dilemma of inaction and at what cost?
3. Is the media an integral prat of Disaster Risk Reduction Response and Climate Change adaptation and if so how?
4. What are the next steps for the media in supporting land regularization reform?


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