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BRACED en la Comunidad de Suelo Urbano

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Urban Land Community

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  • Concept note – Land Based Financing – Creating value of Informal settlements With the aim of Promoting sustainable resilience to natural disasters among poor urban communities in Naggo Head and Gregory Park through increased access to secure land tenure, supported by a revised land regularization process. Jam Habitat for Humanity seeks through its project Building Resilience And Capacities against Emerging Disaster (BRACED) to create opportunity and to ...
  • Local Improvements (Community Amenities) Act 1977 Jamaica An act to make provision for the declaration of certain defined areas including certain lands as special improvements (infrastructure) areas, the compulsory acquisition by the Government of a leasehold interest in such lands, the carrying out of improvements in such lands in accordance with special improvements (infrastructure) schemes and for matters incidental thereto or connected ...
  • The Land Acquisition Act 1947 Jamaica An act to make provision for the acquisition, and for the temporary occupation, of land required for public purposes Legislation Type: Act Legal Area: Real Estate Operational Date: May 22, 1947 Last Amendment: 1976
  • Land HandBook | My Land, My Rights! The aim of this booklet is to support and build the ability of individuals and community-based organizations working in low-income communities to secure land rights for community members. This guide provides information about the laws and regulations related to land rights. This guide also provides a short explanation of the different topics that often concern ...
  • STEPS TO LAND TENURE REGULARIZATION IN JAMAICA One aim of the Jam Habitat for Humanity International 2014, BRACED project in Naggo Head, Portmore, Jamaica is to reduce the risk of disaster and environmental hazards and to make the homes and physical structures more resilient in case of flood, hurricane or other natural disasters. It is recognised that land use management and land ...

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