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Concept note – Land Based Financing – Creating value of Informal settlements

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With the aim of Promoting sustainable resilience to natural disasters among poor urban communities in Naggo Head and Gregory Park through increased access to secure land tenure, supported by a revised land regularization process. Jam Habitat for Humanity seeks through its project Building Resilience And Capacities against Emerging Disaster (BRACED) to create opportunity and to space to facilitate the enhancement of a more efficient and effective tenure process.

As the BRACED project continues to monitor and advocate for changes to the land regularization process, the need to build a coalition to change the status quo has emerged as an imperative next step. Public agencies are seeking tools and opportunity to make a difference.

It is unquestioned that there is a very strong correlation between secure tenure and individual/community/cities resilience. The result of not changing is much more dire on the economy, the fabric of the society and ultimately impedes the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is therefore essential that we study the barriers and challenges that are at the root of the present inertia. There are a few features that must be addressed, and a way found to bring these disjointed pieces together to create the change needed. The elements we refer to are i) large poor urban informal communities; ii) archaic and costly land regulation system iii) bureaucratic systems that seem inflexible and iv) an ever-increasing climate change phenomenon that increases the risk for more devastation to the economy and society.

The question is what can be done to change the dynamics that would kindle growth and development and mitigate the imminent threat of disaster if nothing changes. One consideration for doing this is the concept of Land Based Financing.


Organización que publica: Habitat para la Humanidad
Autor: Habitat para la Humanidad Jamaica

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